The Ministry of Mines, Energy and Rural Electrification is one of the technical and Resource Sector Ministries of the Solomon Islands Government (SIG). The Ministry is responsible for geological sciences and for the development and management of Solomon Islands’ mineral, petroleum, water and energy resources. The Ministry is also responsible for the mitigation of geological and hydrological related hazards, including mitigation against emission of Green House Gases (GHG) and Ozone Layer Depleting Substances (ODS) into the atmosphere.

The Ministry’s functions are executed by its Technical Divisions which are supported by the Ministry’s Corporate Services.


A wealthy, healthy and environmentally safe Solomon Islands


Ensure a wealthy and healthy Solomon Islands through appropriately designed systems and instruments that enhance social and economic wellbeing of all citizens with sustainable use of renewable and non-renewable resources and reducing vulnerability to natural related hazards.


The Ministry places great emphasis on the following principles and values to guide the behaviour of staff in the performance of their duties;

  1. All staff are professionals in their own fields and therefore should be recognised and supported to expand their potentials and capabilities in the delivery of technical services,

  2. Promote ethical behaviour and attitude towards work and decision making,

  3. All staff are loyal and dedicated to their work and the Government they serve,

  4. Build team work in implementing all programs and activities,

  5. Promote respect for supervisors and clients,

  6. Ensure that officers are accountable in their actions,

  7. Build confidence in the executive and staff,

  8. Uphold impartiality at all times, and

  9. Zero tolerance to all forms of corruption.

Our Mandates

Under the Solomon Islands Government (SIG), the Ministry is categorised under the productive sector grouping and this is reflected through the Ministry’s key mandates that include:

  1. Geological Survey

  2. Water Resources Management and Development

  3. Mining and Mineral Sector Management and Development

  4. Petroleum Resources Sector Management and Development

  5. Energy Sector Management and Development

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