The Executive Management of the Ministry of Mines, Energy and Rural Electrification comprises of the Permanent Secretary who is the administrative head, the Undersecretaries and Directors who are the Head of Divisions. The overall goal of the Executive Management is to align to the Ministry’s Vision while being responsible for the Ministry’s policy matters and decision making on overall strategic issues. The Executive Management also takes charge of legislative and policy matters influencing the work of the Ministry as provided for by the relevant Acts of Parliament that the Ministry is responsible for administering.

Furthermore and as appropriate, the Executive, through its Minister, may play an advisory role to the National Government on policy and legislative matters for higher political executive considerations.

Other key operational issues overseen by the Executive Management include the Ministry budget and procurement, programme implementation, human resources management, internal coordination and the overall management of the Ministry’s programmes towards its strategic goals and objectives. In this context, the Executive holds the bird’s eye in the overall supervision of the Ministry’s functions and ensures its work are in line with its mandated policy priorities, plans and approved budget.

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