Project Name

Solomon Power Development Project (SPDP)

Effective Date

Apr 2017 – Jun 2021 (estimate)

Project Status


The Solar Power Development Project will install about 2 megawatt of solar power generation capacity with battery storage at the provincial out-stations of Kirakira, Lata, Malu’u, Munda, and Tulagi. The project is funded by grants from ADB and the Strategic Climate Fund, and by funding from the Solomon Islands Government (SIG). The project involves installation of solar-diesel hybrid systems with battery (energy) storage at Solomon Power’s provincial power stations to reduce reliance on diesel usage.


Project Details

Total Cost:



Electricity, Solar Power, Energy, Solomon Power

Donor Contribution:

$8,440,000 (ADB/SCF)

Call for Proposal:

Contact the Energy Division

Coordinated in:

Solomon Islands

Funding Scheme:

Grant, Solomon Islands Government Funding