The Ministry of Mines, Energy and Rural Electrification (MMERE) continues to strive to address legal, institutional and systemic issues that impact the Ministry’s ability to carry out its functions effectively. This is carried out within the framework of national strategies, policies and plans relevant to the Ministry’s work that promote transparency and accountability in how the Ministry and its statutory boards facilitate, evaluate and grant licenses, permits and leases in accordance with the Acts of Parliament that are administered by the Ministry.

Obligations to regional and international conventions, treaties, programs and initiatives such as the Montreal Protocol, the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative and the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have also influenced the Ministry’s pivot towards legal and policy reforms that promote sustainable development while being more receptive to good governance measures.

All mining licenses are published in the MMERE Online Repository portal :

How to manage your compliance

License holders can now submit reports and license change requests online, using the MMERE Online Repository portal. Also note that the portal automatically disclose key license details and your some parts of your company profile to the public. It is therefore in your interest to maintain your license and company details up-to-date and presented as correctly as possible.

In order to access your company "My license" module, please register as a user in the portal and request to be "Owner Representative" on the top right menu.

Once you are approved as a representative, go to "My licenses" to access the license profile, where the available change requests are shown. Your license reporting obligations are listed in the "reports tracking" tab. Please make sure you submit all your reports correctly as specified.

How to get access to your company e-services

This is a detailed guide ;

1. Go to the MMERE Online Repository Portal

2. Click "Login"

3. Register your email address, click submit. Then open your email and click the email verification link.

4. Complete user details and login

5. In the portal top right corner menu, click "Request Owner Representation"

6. Search to find your company. If you do not find your company click "Cannot find" to regsiter your company details.

7. Attach accreditation letter from the company proving that you represent the company. For individuals, attach proof of identity.

8. Wait for MMERE to approve your association with the company. You will be notified by email once this is approved.

Update your company profile

1. Go to "My Company" module. Review company information and add all details requested.

Click update. MMERE will now review and approve the changes before they take effect in the MCAS system.

Submit license change requests

1. Go to "My Licenses" module. Open the license profile.

2. Available change requests are listed as buttons on the license profile. They depend on the license type regulations and are only shown if you are allowed to make such a request;

Request license renewal
  • This button only shows 6 months before license expiry date, if renewal is allowed for your license type.
  • Click the button and attach the required files, submit and wait for MMERE to approve.
  • Note that once you have requested renewal, your license will not expire on the epixry date.
  • You can not request renewal after the expiry date. If the expiry date has passed you must submit a new application for a license in that area.
Request license transfer
  • This button shows if the license type allows transfers
  • Click the transfer button and select the transfer date and which company you request the license to be transferred to. If the new company is not registered in the system you need to do that first (click request owner representation, then "cannot find" to register a new company, or have the new representatives do this)
  • Attached documentation and submit.
  • Note that the request will not be effective until MMERE approves it in MCAS.
Request surrender
  • Click the surrender button and attached documentation in the form of a letter signed by the company legally authorized representatives. Submit.
  • Note that the request will not be effective until MMERE approves it in MCAS.
Request relinquishment / reduction
  • Click the relinquishment button and either edit or upload GIS file with the new coordinates.
  • Note that the new license area must be smaller than the original, else the system will give an error and you will not be able to submit.
  • Attached a letter signed by company authorized representatives.

Submit license reports

1. Go to "My Licenses" module. Open the license profile and go to the "Reports tracking" tab.

2.All reports that have passed the submission deadlines are listed in red.

3. Please submit the reports requested for the period specified. Note that the system keep track of the reporting date, for compliance purposes. Please make sure you submit your reports regularly and on time.

4. Once submitted, your report will be listed in the "My Reports" module. Newly submitted reports will be listed as "Submitted but not yet reviewed" Once MMERE has reivewed your report, they may confirm that the report is "Compliant" or "Compliant with issues", or "Not compliant". You cannot re-submit a report. In case you have issues, please liaise with MMERE tenement section.


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