Mineral Rights such as licenses, leases and permits are granted by the Minister of Mines in consultation with the recommendations of the Mines & Minerals Board. Applications for each of the Mining Rights are facilitated by the Mines Division’s Tenement Section on behalf of the Director of the Mines Division.

Interested parties should register on the MMERE Online Repository Portal and request to be "Owner Representative". Once the request have been granted by MMERE you will be able to access the company e-services for online submission of applications and reports.

Go to MMERE Online Repository Portal


How to apply online

This is a guide to how to apply online;

1. Go to the MMERE Online Repository Portal

2. Click "Apply online"

3. Register your email address, click submit. Then open your email and click the email verification link.

4. Complete user details and login

5. In the portal top right corner menu, click "Request Owner Representation"

6. Search to find your company. If you do not find your company click "Cannot find" to regsiter your company details.

7. Attach accreditation letter from the company proving that you represent the company. For individuals, attach proof of identity.

8. Wait for MMERE to approve your association with the company. You will be notified by email once this is approved.

Submitting your first application

9. Go to "Draft Applications", start drafting an application by first selecting a sepcific license type. Complete the details in step 1:

10. Go to the next tab "Compliance Documents", and attach a file for each of the required documents. In case you have a PDF which covers several file requirements, please add that file multiple times.

11. Go to the next tab "Coordinates". Either upload a shapefile or enter / draw the coordinates using the draw, click and drag tool on the top right.

To upload GIS files, click "Import files" and read the instructions. Note that shapefiles should be compressed into one .zip file, then uploaded.

Note that most license types are not allowed to overlap other licenses, and warning will be shown if there are any overlaps. A license type may also have restrictions on the area size, in which case you will also receive a warning and not be able to submit unless corrected. A license type may also require adherence to a grid. In this case, the system will automatically "trim" the coordinates to fit to the grid.

In case the license type does not require coordinates, the tab will be grey and not required.

12. Your draft application is saved and you can come back later to complete it. Review your draft application before clicking submit. Your application will now be sent to the MCAS system at the tenement section and you will be given an application code. The application is now listed in "My Applications" page, where you can follow the processing progress. You wil also be notified by email as the application is going through validation and approval.

Mining Rights Applications

Reconnaissance Permit

Prospecting Licenses

Mining Lease

Alluvial Miners Licence

Gold Dealers Licence

Building Materials Permit