The Reports presented here are official Ministry reports that are relevant to the Ministry’s work and that have either been produced in part or in full by the Ministry or by other relevant authorities within the Solomon Islands Government. These Reports may be downloaded, saved and printed.

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pdf Stakeholder Engagement Plan ( pdf, 1.33 MB ) (1327 downloads) Popular
pdf Labor Management Procedure ( pdf, 1.43 MB ) (1054 downloads) Popular
pdf Intro for WorldBank Disclosure ( pdf, 262 KB ) (689 downloads) Popular
pdf Environmental and Social Impact Assessment - Solomon Islands Sustainable Mining Development Technical Assistance Project ( pdf, 2.26 MB ) (1468 downloads) Popular
pdf Provincial Engagement Report June 2019 ( pdf, 2.73 MB ) (3327 downloads) Popular
pdf Pacific Appliance Labelling and Standards Programme Final Evaluation Report ( pdf, 1.61 MB ) (1309 downloads) Popular
pdf SIMAC April Workshop Report 28 June 2019 ( pdf, 3.78 MB ) (1252 downloads) Popular